14/11/2019 21:02

We Open All MSZP Offices across Hungary to Pro-Republic Circles

We Open All MSZP Offices across Hungary to Pro-Republic Circles
Success in the municipal elections has shown that we were on the right track when we thought the opposition should join forces and confront the local overlords of Orbán’s so-called National Cooperation System side by side. It is evident from the results that we must continue to work together.
In order to achieve a successful change of government in 2022, democratic opposition parties must combine their strengths and capabilities and jointly prepare for the trying challenge.
For this, it is essential that everyone selflessly offer the democratic community all assets and facilities possible in order to support successful cooperation and work.
Therefore, we are now taking the initiative to open all MSZP offices in the country to pro-republic circles. We give home to social and political clubs and opposition workshops.
Taking advantage of the infrastructural potential of the Hungarian Socialist Party, we are offering our offices, which may also be used as pre-election centers, for the benefit of the all-opposition cooperation.
Through holding joint events, we wish to provide opportunities to create closer contacts with each other and civil society.
Bertalan Tóth
MSZP president and faction leader
Zsolt Molnár
MSZP party director