22/03/2020 18:36

We Shall Not Vote For Orbán's Absolute Power!

We Shall Not Vote For Orbán's Absolute Power!
Many speculations have come to light today over how opposition parties will vote on a government proposal on the protection against the coronavirus at next week's session.
Will they give government authorization to Viktor Orbán for total authority?
Hereby, I would like to inform everyone about the following:
  1. We understand the gravity of the situation and the weight of our responsibility.
  2. Opposition parties are constantly negotiating over the weekend in order to represent a joint stance in Parliament, and we have therefore jointly initiated a seven-party consultation on the matter.
  3. MSZP will not provide assistance to the adoption of a law that would indefinitely subject Hungary and the Hungarian people to the whims of Viktor Orbán.
Dr. Bertalan Tóth
MSZP President 

What Are We Waiting For?

22/03/2020 18:30