28/03/2022 14:46

Why Did Family of Head of Russian Intelligence Get Golden Visa from Fidesz?!

Why Did Family of Head of Russian Intelligence Get Golden Visa from Fidesz?!
Over a week ago, I sent a letter to the relevant ministries of the Orbán government, the Prime Minister and the Government Spokesperson, but so far none of them have managed to answer the very simple question: why did the relatives of the head of foreign intelligence in the Russian government led by Putin receive golden visas from Fidesz?

In fact, this is not only a simple question, but also a very pressing one in our current situation. What other interconnections and, in the current climate, what other cooperation between Putin's inner circles and the Hungarian Government pose a serious risk to our national security? To guarantee Hungary's peace and security, this must be clarified as soon as possible! Enough of Fidesz's sneaky deals! I demand detailed information on this as urgently as possible!
As a result of Russian aggression, the European Union has already adopted a number of sanctions together with the leaders of the Member States, thus with the agreement and support of the Hungarian Government. Among other things, sanctions have been imposed on high-ranking Russian leaders, including visa bans and asset freezes.

Such leaders include, for example, Sergei Naryshkin, the Speaker of the Russian Duma, who has also been in charge of the Foreign Intelligence Service since 2016. It is known that Naryshkin, who has been on the EU's 'blacklist' since the start of the years-long crisis in Ukraine, is involved in, and even actively directing, the current Russian military aggression and the disinformation and other intelligence operations surrounding it.

Earlier, there were numerous reports that Sergei Naryshkin's relatives (his son Andrei and his daughter-in-law and grandchildren) had bought for themselves quite a few residency bonds, the so-called 'golden visas', announced by the Fidesz government, and had thus obtained Hungarian (i.e. EU) papers. The Hungarian Immigration Office has previously admitted that Andrei Naryshkin was their client, but the details of the case remain unclear.

The Fidesz government must immediately provide meaningful answers as to why the documents previously issued under the residency bond programme, which were given to persons linked to the current war-aggressor Russian leadership, have not been reviewed! The Fidesz government must immediately give an answer as to when it will revoke or suspend these permits as part of the common EU sanctions policy! The Fidesz government must immediately provide an answer as to exactly how many individuals who are in any way connected to the current Russian state leadership have been 'clients' of the Hungarian government's resettlement programme! The Fidesz government must immediately answer whether there is any national security risk posed by the fact that close relatives of one of the state leaders in charge of the Russian military aggression were 'clients' of the Hungarian government's residency bond programme!

However, the Hungarian government is not only accountable to the public for the golden visas issued under the residency bond programme; they must also answer the question: why do they not suspend the full diplomatic immunity (originally already granted in a completely unjustifiable manner) of the leadership and staff of the Budapest-based International Investment Bank with Russian interests (also linked to espionage activities)?

Viktor Orbán and Fidesz talk about national sovereignty and independence, about representing national interests against the European Union, while they refuse to use any means at their disposal to take action against the Russian aggressors; in fact, they secretly ally and cooperate with them and even open loopholes for them. The question arises: when he talks about stopping Brussels, who is really dictating Orbán's words? Certainly not the Hungarian people. This, especially in the present situation, is completely unacceptable and life-threatening! Enough of Orbán and Fidesz's sneaky, Putinist dealings! They must answer the questions and come clean! If they can, that is.

After the Hungarian Prime Minister's landmark 2014 speech in Tusványos proclaiming the illiberal state, I vowed that as an MEP I would write an open letter every week to warn the public of the regime's crimes. For the 342nd time, I am ringing the bells of alarm, because it still seems necessary. And because, as a radical European democrat, it is my duty to do so.

dr. István Ujhelyi
Member of the European Parliament
27 March, 2022.