26/07/2019 17:12

Zsolt Molnár: The campaign kicks off with clear ethical rules

The pre-election coordination committee is well-prepared for the joint all-opposition campaign aimed at replacing the so-called National Cooperation System (NCS) of the government, said Socialist MP Zsolt Molnár in the program ‘Straightforward Talk’ on channel ATV on 24 July.
The official campaign period will begin within one month, in accordance with local government election regulations and the law. The all-opposition alliance to crack the NCS is well-prepared, Molnár explained. When asked about the expected character assassination attempts, he added, "Without opposition solidarity and opposition cooperation, there is no chance of a change of government, change of mayor or indeed change of Budapest mayor."
The parties and individuals involved in the all-opposition cooperation are committed to full solidarity and cooperation, and the far-right Jobbik was eventually included in this in line with the will of the electorate, the MP elaborated. "The Hungarian Socialist Party, other parties, and me personally all had reservations about this, but the demand for this type of solidarity appeared with such elemental force that it simply overpowered us and that is why we signed this six-party agreement  ‘One for all, all for one!’ and the government must be defeated,” the socialist politician explained.
At the meeting of the six-party alliance, there was only minimal time to discuss the appearance on the byline of celebrity candidates running for Budapest mayor, according to Molnar: “Our mayoral candidate, Mr. Karácsony only touched upon this issue very briefly. We have come to the conclusion that, unfortunately, there will still be such people (…), NCS representatives, or simply people who enjoy being in the spotlight (…). I believe that after the 2nd pre-election, against NCS, against Fidesz, Gergely Karácsony is the only one to stand a chance. Anyone who wants to give a chance to waking up to an entirely different Hungary in October knows exactly that they need to vote for Gergely Karácsony” the Socialist MSZP said.
The emergence of “runners” in the tabloid category “will not lose us votes that really want a change of government; votes that refuse to keep this sort of power in charge. For example, Gergely Karácsony will also be asked what he thinks of these celebrity candidates. “But voters are conscious, and I ask ATV viewers to tell everywhere that this is a conscious choice (…) about whether there will be a chance for a different Hungary, a different Budapest, and reality show characters like these have no place in it,” because, as he said, they are not suited to make decisions in matters like “public transport or social policy."
In connection with the pre-election in Ferencváros, he said: "As we promised earlier in the case of Csaba Horváth or even Olga Kálmán, “To us, the socialist community, only one thing matters, namely that we wish to work with the person the electorate empowers us to work with."
“All parties and candidates pledge that they do not and will not cooperate with NCS in the future.” Thus, the anti-NCS all-opposition campaign just a few weeks away is set to proceed with clear ethical rules - summarized MSZP MP Zsolt Molnár in the context of the political values statement.