08/05/2019 15:05

Orbán, Like a Sulking Child, Befriends European Bad Boys

Orbán, like a small child, was stood in the corner, and now he seeks revenge. He is making friends with far-right populist leaders to send a message to the European People's Party, said MSZP's party president commenting on Matteo Salvini's and Heinz-Christian-Strache's visit to Budapest.
"What the Prime Minister is doing today is very similar to the situation when a little child is put in a corner out of punishment and wants to take revenge by befriending the bullies," said MSZP's party president at a press conference on Tuesday commenting on Orbán having hosted Matteo Salvini, Italian Minister of the Interior last Thursday, and Austrian Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache on Monday. Bertalan Tóth claims the visit of right-wing politicians to Budapest one after the other is a clear message from Orbán to the European People's Party: if they exclude Fidesz from the group, he shall flirt with the far right of Europe.
“The reality is that the future of Europe depends on the parties that have progressive programs that aim to deepen European integration. These parties will provide the program for creating a social Europe in the European Parliament,” he said. He also added that Viktor Orbán is risking Hungary’s ability to enforce its interests in the EU.
MSZP's party president continued by stating that while Orbán continues to play this international game, healthcare in Hungary keeps on deteriorating. Nonetheless, the Ministry of Human Resources has appointed four more government commissioners with one million forint monthly salaries. Thus, there are already 26 state secretaries and deputy state secretaries and 16 ministerial commissioners working for about 40 million forints per month at the Ministry of Human Resources. According to Tóth, this amount could be enough, for example, to pay overtime money for doctors working at the traumatology department of Péterfy Hospital, who last week terminated their contract with the hospital due to low salaries and undignified working conditions.
The MSZP EP top candidate pointed out that 7,000 doctors left the country since 2010; there are 344 vacant GP positions in Hungary; 24,000 people die every year because they do not receive the necessary medical care, so Hungarians live 4-5 years less on average due to the state of healthcare. "We ask: should more ministerial commissioners be appointed or should more money be given for healthcare," he highlighted. Bertalan Tóth concluded by saying that MSZP’s Social Europe Program is about not taking EU subsidies and taxpayers’ money home, thereby making Fidesz-affiliated economic circles, family members and the former gas repair man richer, but investing in health care. Minimum wages are proposed for employees:  doctors should get one and a half million forints while nurses should get 750 thousand forints, which would prevent them from leaving the country in the hope of better pay. On the whole, more money is needed for healthcare so that to medical care can be provided under proper conditions in the institutions,” said Bertalan Tóth.