11/05/2019 07:47

MSZP-Dialogue Alliance Would Have Current MEPs Report on their EU Work

The organization of a joint public forum was initiated by István Ujhelyi and Benedek Jávor in order to have all current MEPs account for their work in the European Parliament over the last five years. According to the MSZP-Dialog, voters have the right to know the achievements of MEPs in the interests of the Hungarian electorate.
All 21 current MEPs should stand up and tell us what they have done in the past five years in the European Parliament, said István Ujhelyi and Benediek Jávor yesterday in an interactive Facebook chat. During the live broadcast of "Sixty Minutes", moderated by János Fiala, the two politicians emphasized that the Hungarian voters have the right to know what their representatives achieved; therefore, they want to convene a joint public forum.
During the conversation on the community side, the representatives of MSZP-Dialogue said that based on Viktor Orbán's actions and statements in recent weeks, it can be clearly concluded that Fidesz will sit among Europe's enemies in the next EU cycle. István Ujhelyi and Benedek Jávor also see what the leaders of the European People's Party have stated: they do not want to have Orbán anymore, it has clearly been decided that the Hungarian Prime Minister and the pro-Europe forces’ ways have parted. They added that this was a serious problem because it will be decided in the upcoming months what the European Union budget for the seven years will look like." Orbán will sit at the negotiating table in a way that he will have publicly accepted the people’s party representatives sitting there as his enemies, social democrats and greens alike," the EP candidates for the MSZP-Dialogue alliance said. Ujhelyi and Jávor agreed that the electorate understood the stake of the election on 26 May and considered it positive that public opinion polls among opposition voters measured significant activity.