21/12/2019 02:57

Orbán Government Puts Healthcare on Hold along with Screening Buses

Orbán Government Puts Healthcare on Hold along with Screening Buses
Due to the destruction of Fidesz in healthcare, many people do not have access to adequate care locally. As a quick fix solution, the government bought ten screening buses for HUF 1 billion, to be able to deliver the health screening service closer to the homes of people. In theory. Because the buses only do the job once a month on average.

These screening buses should be in service around the country and as much of them would be needed as possible. However, Fidesz keeps them parking on hold instead of saving lives.
It is a mystery what Fidesz is up to. Previously, they had bought electric cars for hospitals worth HUF 3 billion, which they tried to sell donation in the press, but it turned out that these were rental cars that had to be paid for monthly by the indebted institutions, and the operating infrastructure was not given anywhere, either.
The Orbán government is saving money on lives while spending billions on unnecessary, shady car purchases.
Fidesz has to answer why they put the screening buses on hold in the parking lot and why heaps of their electric cars are standing idly in the parking lot of the State Health Care Supply Center.
MSZP – Hungarian Socialist Party
Further information: Lajos Korózs, Chairman of the Public Welfare Committee