21/12/2019 02:58

We Wouldn't Have Imagined This 30 Years Ago...

We Wouldn't Have Imagined This 30 Years Ago...
…or even 10 years ago, for that matter.

In Hungary the family allowance has remained unchanged for 10 years, it is HUF 12,200 per month. MSZP has repeatedly proposed increasing the amount, even doubling it in recent years.

Fidesz has always swept this off the agenda. Children are important to them only in words. We now see Hungary lagging behind countries in the region due to the Orbán regime's destructive and nation-betraying policies.

Today in Romania, the House of Representatives has decided to double the child-raising allowance to 300 lei, that is about HUF 21,000 for children aged 2-18. Children under 2 years of age and children with disabilities will be entitled to 600 lei, or HUF 42 thousand as of January. In Romania. Congratulations! And the Hungarian government should feel ashamed.