19/05/2020 18:11

Dictatorship Watcher

Dictatorship Watcher
The current government has absolute power and the right to rule by decree thanks to its own representatives that voted for this referring to the epidemic situation.

They said this was necessary for effective protection. Today, we can see what Viktor Orbán uses the power for that he made his people vote for him. We have collected the abuses that they have committed so far.

Their local politicians are no different. Have you seen any power abuse?

Tell us about it!

15 May, 2020 - Even at a time of crisis, there is HUF 38 million to spare for the association of Secretary of State Katalin Novák - from public funds

13 May, 2020 - "1170 beds had to be vacated in Gyula as well."

12 May, 2020 - If the government does not like the leadership of a municipality, it will ruin its investment projects above 5 billion

12 May, 2020 - Police interrogation for a Facebook post in Szerencs

9 May, 2020 - Even during the health and economic crisis, another HUF 15 billion is allocated for communication

8 May, 2020 - Suspected falsification of data of the National Centre for Public Health

4 May, 2020 - Requesting public interest information? They'll be provided eventually ... maybe ... sometime...

4 May, 2020 - Protection of personal data during the epidemic? Forget it!

2 May, 2020 - Taking photos and fingerprints for criminal records of political activists using spray paint a year and a half ago – the idea just popped into their minds? Why now?

24 April, 2020 - Lake Balaton played over to their buddies?

21 April, 2020 - Economic Competition Authority? Buddies ’ funds better not be investigated.

17 April, 2020 - Fidesz did not win a majority in Göd? The government takes a third of their revenue!

17 April, 2020 - Attack on non-Fidesz-led towns: "special economic zones"

17 April, 2020 - Authorization is also good for settling disputes between companies: beheading of Kartonpack Nyrt.

14 April, 2020 - At the time of epidemic, the demotion of 20,000 public servants  presents no problem at all

14 April, 2020 - There is funding for soccer even during an epidemic!

10 April, 2020 - All workers are made vulnerable for 2 years

10 April, 2020 - HUF 19 billion for "tackling immigration" without control, instead of  spending on tacking the epidemic

6 April, 2020 - Helping the family: the mother-in-law of the Minister of Justice is the new head of judges

5 April, 2020 - Harm that seems popular: more traffic jams, less money for protection and less parking space

4 April, 2020 - Withdrawal of funds from local governments, i.e. protection – motor vehicle taxation is nationalized

31 March, 2020 - Although Budapest decided otherwise last October, the construction project in City Park is forcibly continued

31 March, 2020 - Another step taken to crack down on free, independent theatrical operation

31 March, 2020 - Although the crisis is raging, Maria Schmitt receives two properties as a gift, she is also relieved of having to pay her debts

31 March, 2020 - Egotistical harm: the registration of sex-change is prohibited

31 March, 2020 - Hallway to a university that everyone will have to pay for: another six universities will be foundation-based

31 March, 2020 - The Budapest-Belgrade railway construction contracts are classified for ten years

25 March, 2020 - Acquisition of Lőrinc Mészáros’s energy company declared national strategic interest

Viktor Orbán justified his own authorization with the epidemic, but uses it for abuses. Do you know of a similar story? Have you seen the local man of Fidesz abuse his power? Let us know and we will investigate.

No abuse can remain in force!

Do you have information? Let us know.


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